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Superbag 1,3Lt – 100m


Superbag is a revolutionary cloth for cooking. It is a porous filter made of an inert, flexible and heat-resistant material that is suitable for food use and adapts perfectly to different cooking containers. The Superbag is indicated for preparing consommés, preparing stocks and, in general, cooking large quantities of ingredients. In these processes, it reduces the amount of water that the cook must use and saves a lot of time, by not having to spend, for example, straining and clarifying consommés. They are an essential tool for the elaboration of the texturas technique.


50006 Superbag 1.3 l. – 100 μm.
Weight: 0.5 kg
Format: 5 units / box
50009 Superbag 8 l. – 100 μm.
50002 Superbag 50 l. – 250 μm.
50010 Superbag 8 l. – 250 μm.
50011 Superbag 8 l. – 400 μm.
50007 Superbag 1.3 l. – 250 μm.
50008 Superbag 1.3 l. – 400 μm.

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