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¡NEW! Green Whip – Eco Series

The new “iSi Eco Series” is a technical and green revolution that combines innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. The new product series features the “iSi Green Whip” – which offers up to 15% higher performance thanks to technical innovation – and the green, climate-neutral* iSi Professional Charger – iSi Eco Series. This new iSi innovation sustainably reduces the Carbon Footprint per portion of cream and allows for significant cost savings in every portion.

One System. Two products.
Multiple economic & sustainable advantages.

iSi Eco Series:

  • Reduces Climate Impact: iSi Eco Series System reduces the Carbon Footprint per serving by 65% for dairy cream or by 85% when switching to vegan cream.*
  • Increase margin: iSi Eco Series System saves more than 10% in food costs by providing more output
  • Increase Flexibility: iSi Eco Series System has enough power to enjoy eco-friendly with all kinds of cream
  • Reduce waste: iSi Green Whip is made to last. iSi Chargers are 100% recyclable.**
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