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Our history

When we founded ICC in 1998 thanks to the isi siphons and the collaboration with Ferran Adrià and his team at El Bulli, we didn’t imagine the journey we were about to experience. What was very clear in our minds was our goal, hence our name.

It’s been more than 20 years adapting industrial techniques to applications in professional kitchens such as the Hotery blowtorch, the Superbag filter or the Microplane graters. Thanks to the alliance with great chefs such as Joan Roca, Jordi Herrera, the Torres brothers or Angel León, we have developed the Roner, the Faskircook, the Gastrovac or the Clarimax, the two latter also the result of a collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the University of Cadiz respectively , as well as the Nitral and the Rotaval were born from agreements with the Alicia Foundation.


But not everything has been around tools and appliances, in 2006 we ventured into launching Fever-Tree, a unique range of Premium Mixers that has undoubtedly contributed to the boom that the world of gin and tonics has experienced in recent years.

ISI whippers

1998 – Foundation

Profi Whip, Gourmet Whip

The first iSi whippers were created from a conventional cream whipper modified to supply new applications.

First appliances

1999 – 2000

Pacojet and Roner

The first appliances were sold. Pacojet in 1999, frozen food processor and emulsifier. Roner’s first units started the concept of sous-vide in 2000.

New techniques and products

2001 – 2005

Soda, new whippers, measuring tools, books, sprouters, Fakircook, CartaFata, Hotstone, Gastrovac!

The ICC product catalog grows, new applications are born for whippers iSi and Gastrovac sees the light. The sous-vide revolution is patented in more than 160 countries and is jointly developed by the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the chefs Javier Andrés (Restaurante la Sucursal, Valencia) and Sergio Torres (Restaurant Rodat, Jávea).

Spherification and other tools


Thermo Whip, Superbags and Albert and Ferran Adrià textures

The first Basic Spherification Kit is put on sale. The Spherification is a spectacular culinary technique that we put into practice at elBulli in 2003 and allows to elaborate recipes that weren’t imagined before. It is the controlled gelation of a liquid that, submerged in a bath forms spheres.

The expansion

2007 – Present

Roner Compact, Rotaval, Vakpack, Nitral, Clarimax, Fever Tree, Roner Touch, Rowzer Plus…..

The last one in is the Roner Clip, a versatile immersion thermostat with a clip holder that allows it to fit in any container or pot.

El Periódico

2017 Iosu de la Torre La herramienta esencial en la cocina del siglo XXI · #espumas20

“The siphon has a privileged place in any restaurant that boasts. It is the king of “espumas” (go to Google and type espumas-siphon and check the universe of recipes, videos and comments that multiply)”

Online version

La Vanguardia

2005 Mar Galtes. Inventos y artilugios para la alta Cocina

“And the company evolves towards the creation of objects from the new needs of cooks, like the Roner, a thermostat to create a water bath with very low temperature and constant throughout the vessel.”

TIME Magazine

2006 Lisa Abend. Adoring Vacuum

“It’s the great current revolution: the incorporation of industrial techniques into the kitchen and the collaboration between scientists and chefs.”

El Periódico

2007 David Sabaté. Fiebre por la Tonica

“Now Fever-Tree has traveled in time to recover the centennial and handmade production that was present in the birth of the tonic. The result is called Fever-Tree, a refreshing and select combination of history and modernity.”

Vino y Gastronomía

Gaspar Rey El Futuro de la cocina pasa por un Laboratorio

“The development of foams is the technique that has been most developed these years. The crema catalana, infused waters, liquefied juices, English creams or any preparation with the intensity of flavor that the cook considers more suitable for its desired purpose”.

Catalogue 2006

Toni Monné. Prologue

“Spain has lived through a whole culinary revolution in the last ten years. This phenomenon has already spread all over
the world and there are many chefs in different countries whose eyes are turned to the creative whirlwind blowing
from our land”.

Catalogue 2007

Xavier Agulló. Prologue

“Creative passion. From the legendary ISI siphon to the latest Fever-Tree Tonic Water, a small British brand that is revolutionising bars and kitchens with a strange but pleasant twist that gives back to us, from modern times, the most natural and exquisite of the old soft drink created in India in the 19th century. Gin tonics of the future will never be the same again”.

Catalogue 2008

Pau Arenós. Prologue

“We are not thinking about the decade that is about to end, but in the next 2008-2018. What devices, contraptions and
mechanisms will help to create the gastronomic thinking of the future? ICC has taken on the challenge of answering this question. And as for us, we must study their answer”.

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