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Twist’n Sparkle


iSi’s Twist’n Sparkle beverage carbonation system is designed to add a touch of fizz to any drink, providing sparkle and flavour to almost any creation imaginable.

The secret is in the carbonation wand, which directly carbonates the drink instead of diluting it with sparkling water or soda. With the Twist’n Sparkle carbonation system you can create bubbly mojitos, effervescent dessert drinks and sparkling wines, all without losing any of the original taste.

  • PET transparent plastic bottle(*)
  • Maximum capacity 0,95 Lt
  • Master carton with 6 units
  • Maximum capacity 0,95 Lt
  • Packing dimensions: 30 x 31 x 28,5 cm
  • 69060 Set of 2 bottles



69059 Twist & Sparkle
Maximum capacity 0.95 Lt

Dimensions: 14,5 x 29,9 x 9,2 cm

Weight: 5,5 Kg

Unit Weight: 0,86 Kg

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