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Professional Chargers 24u


The new professional chargers substantially improve the performance of the old ones.
The new professional chargers contain more gas in practically the same volume as the old chargers, with a consequent increase in pressure and improved performance in volume. The new professional chargers are slightly larger than the old ones (the increase is practically negligible), but they still fit in the existing charger holder.
The siphons need the same number of chargers, that is, one for the 1/2 and 1/4 liter and two for the 1 liter. The higher pressure of the new professional chargers guarantees that you do not have to add more chargers to completely empty the siphon.
The higher performance of the new professional chargers means that from the same amount of liquid that we introduce in the siphon, we obtain up to + 20% in volume, with the consequent savings in product.
The resulting emulsion is much lighter, airy, stable and durable. In addition, it has fewer calories but the same intensity of flavor.

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