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Carta Fata cooking paper 50 m x 50 cm


If we were told that there is a container so versatile that in it products can be cooked with or without liquid, capable of being used in the microwave or oven, in water, in hot oil or on a griddle, we might think that it’s about magic… Carta Fata is a transparent baking paper, developed in collaboration with the Italian chef Fabio Tacchella, which allows you to form sachets with products that can be subjected to temperatures of 230 ° C. This resistance to heat makes it possible to cook tasty – as the aromas remain inside the bag -, healthy and light, in reduced times and preserving all the nutritional value of the food.


CF 50 Fata Cooking Paper
50 x 0.5 m roll
CF 20 Fata Cooking Paper
20 x 0.3 m roll

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