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Gourmet Whip Plus ½ L


Starting from a conventional cream whipper and duly modified to offer new applications, Ferran Adrià has been developing since 1994 a technique with which to make foams and prepare all kinds of sauces. The iSi Gourmet Whip siphon is a cream whipper to which air is incorporated through compressed air capsules. Thanks to this simple principle, we can make foam almost any mixture, sweet or salty and cold or hot. It consists of filling the siphon with the desired mixture, screwing on the head, loading it with the N2O capsules, shaking it, letting it rest in the refrigerator or in a water bath, and our foam will be ready to be savored.


69021 Gourmet Whip Plus Siphon ½ l
Capacity: 0.50 l
Matte finish
69053 Gourmet Whip Plus Siphon ¼ l
Capacity: 0.25 l
Matte finish
69022 Gourmet Whip Plus Siphon 1 l
Capacity: 1 l
Matte finish

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