926001 Rowzer

Weight: 18 Kg.

999179 Beaker set (4 units)

999206 Kit beaker universal

Rowzer is a professional frozen food processor and emulsifier. This appliance is both attractive and with a compact design. It processes frozen food, resulting in to an ice-cream or sorbet with the perfect temperature and texture. The process takes place without the need to defrost the full content of the beaker and it can be programmed to prepare the required amount for immediate use. Attainment of a unique texture is the result of the cutting-edge design of the blades together with a compressed-air driven flow system. Rowzer is made of aluminium and has an easy-to-clean main spindle. Rowzer uses a stainless steel beaker with capacity for 1L or 0’8 Kg of frozen prod. Selection of the number of portions 1 to 10 which avoids losses of product.


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