Rapid Infusion

69065 Rapid Infusion

The pack includes:

· 1 Sieve gasket 100% silicone
· 1 Sieve 100% stainless steel
· 1 Ventilation tube 100% stainless steel
· 1 Silicone tube 100% silicone
· 1 Cleaning brush

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Rapid Infusion enables a liquid to be infused with different flavours in the shortest possible time. First, combine aromatic solids (e.g. herbs, spices, fruit) and a liquid (e.g. alcohol, oil, water, vinegar) in the iSi Whipper. By applying pressure into the iSi Whipper using an iSi cream charger, the flavour of the solids becomes infused into the liquid, which develops a unique taste.

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