Nitro Whip

High quality stainless Steel bottle
Max. filling volumen: 1 Lt
Fixed stainless-steel valve for easy dispensing and maximum security
Stainless Steel & silicone ergonomic charger holder and handle
Master carton with 6 units
Packing measurements: 32x35x21,6 cm
Weight: 7,19 kg

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iSi Nitro Whip and iSi Nitro Chargers are used together to prepare barista quality Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. Nitro coffee is created by infusing cold brew coffee with pure nitrogen gas. The nitrogen infusion results in a rich, flavorful brew with a naturally creamy texture and a velvety foam head.

For the preparation of Nitro Coffee and Tea and other Nitro-infused creations. Only suitable for cold applications up to max. 30°C/86°F.

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