Fata cooking paper

CF 50 Fata Cooking Paper
Roll 50 x 0,5 m

CF 20 Fata Cooking Paper
Roll de 20 x 0,3 m

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If someone told us there was a container so versatile that products could be cooked in it with or without liquid, which can be put in the microwave or the oven, in water, in boiling oil or on a grill, we might think it was magic. Nothing could be further from the truth: Cartafata is a transparent cooking paper, developed in association with the Italian chef Fabio Tachella, which can be made into small bags for products that can be subjected to temperatures of up to 230ºC. This resistance to heat makes it possible to cook healthy, light, tasty dishes - since the aromas remain inside the bag -, in short times and conserving the full nutritional value of the food.