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For the dough:

  • 14Og egg
  • 14Og mineral water
  • 1Og flour
  • 1Og honey
  • 1Og sugar
  • 1Og salt

Dough filling

  • Buffala mozzarella
  • Herring roe


  • Put all the ingredients in the thermomix, blend, strain and put in the Gourmet Whip
  • Charge with one charge if the siphon is 1/1 Iitre or with two if it is 1/2 lt.
  • Leave to stand.
  • Heat the olive oil and dip a spherical ladle into the oil.
  • Add a little batter into the ladle soaked in hot oil and fill with the desired ingredients, add a little more batter to cover.
  • Place in the oil and allow the fritter to brown evenly in the oil.
  • Place on blotting paper to remove any excess oil.


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