Lab: the new resources section on our website

Do you want to download our essential content?

With LAB it's quick and easy.

Find in a single space all our downloadable publications, guides and recipes in video and pdf format to get the most out of our products. All resources are ready to download or consult online on the device you want.

The LAB is the download area and the library of the ICC. The place where you can get all our additional content with just a click. Cocktails and creams with our iSi siphons, suggestions for Rowzer, among many other recipes and publications of our team.

How does it work?

Accessing LAB is very easy. At the start of our website, located in the upper area, you will find the LAB tab (in red) to sign up for free. Name, surname and e-mail is enough to create your user, so it will take you less than a minute to register.

Once inside, explore, consult, learn and discover new resources to make the most of the diverse uses of our wide gamma of products.