Caliu: the barbecue of the professionals

Caliu is a range of charcoal barbecues and accessories for professional use. They have been created for catering services and show cookings, as their size and functionality allow an easy transportation. Design join together aesthetics and usability, with a robust and durable result. Caliu barbecues have been designed and manufactured in Girona, winning several awards, as the Silver Delta Award 2013 in recognition of their design and concept, among others.

There are four different models based on the needs of each professional. Caliu Horeca has been conceived for small banquets and kitchen support. Caliueta is a smaller portable barbecue, perfect for events and catering services, but also to keep food warm at the table. These two products have their own Catering versions, which allow several uses and food preparations at the same time, becoming an ideal choice for show cookings. Several accessories turns them a complete portable kitchen: the range has a Lid, a Chimney, the Vega Pan and the Rice Pan.