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The ISI whippers together with the spur of the creativity of Ferran Adria and its team at the recently closed El Bulli, the espumas revolution emerged. This technique, like anything in life, has its followers and detractors, but it is unanimously recognized that it meant a turning point in gastronomy and in the subsequent development of future techniques and appliances.

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What they say?

Catalogue 2006

Toni Monné. Prologue

“Spain has lived through a whole culinary revolution in the last ten years. This phenomenon has already spread all over
the world and there are many chefs in different countries whose eyes are turned to the creative whirlwind blowing
from our land”.

Catalogue 2007

Xavier Agulló. Prologue

“Creative passion. From the legendary ISI siphon to the latest Fever-Tree Tonic Water, a small British brand that is revolutionising bars and kitchens with a strange but pleasant twist that gives back to us, from modern times, the most natural and exquisite of the old soft drink created in India in the 19th century. Gin tonics of the future will never be the same again”.

Catalogue 2008

Pau Arenós. Prologue

“We are not thinking about the decade that is about to end, but in the next 2008-2018. What devices, contraptions and
mechanisms will help to create the gastronomic thinking of the future? ICC has taken on the challenge of answering this question. And as for us, we must study their answer”.


Two decades of innovation

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Products developed in collaboration with chefs such as Joan Roca, Torres brothers, Javier Andrés, Ángel León and prestigious entities of the UPV in Valencia, among others.

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Products for the preparation of hot or cold foams, sauces, biscuits or cocktails. Precision Tools, Accessories and Consumables. .

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Products for the preparation of grilled, smoked and barbecued dishes together with the "showcooking low 0" complements necessary for the good use of liquid nitrogen in the kitchen.

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How to use ISI siphons and learn the versatility of foams in the gastronomy. Obulato sheets for the preparation of crisps, caramels or liquid ravioli; among other utilities.

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